Made in the USA

My 18 year old Filson duffle finally succumbed to the strains of international travel right after Christmas – the bridle leather straps gave out. I sent it to the company to see if they could repair it (just to replace the straps, really) and received a call from the returns department a week or so later. Filson, it seemed, believed that they should replace the bag with a brand new one (at no charge, obviously), as they felt the duffle had gotten too old to be worth repairing.

And a week later the new bag arrived in the mail. I miss my weathered and well-traveled old duffle, but I must say I’m impressed with Filson. I mean, what company these days manufactures its products and stands by them, effectively for life?

“Might as well have the best” is their motto, and whether or not you believe theirs is, you have to grant them that they take the word ‘best” seriously….