A Date With Time

Universal-Genève_1In this age of the smartphone that will do almost everything but cook breakfast, the idea of a chronograph (specifically a stopwatch) to wear on the wrist seems rather anachronistic. But very few men who wear chronographs actually ever use that function; it’s enough to know that it is there, and that someone went to a great deal of trouble to incorporate it into a tiny instrument (assuming it is mechanical and not a quartz version) usually reserved for simply telling the time at a glance.
It’s that “at a glance” that makes wearing a watch in the first place not anachronistic——we pull out our cell phones from our pockets way to often to begin with——and men have few choices in jewelry besides a watch anyway. A watch is also perhaps the greatest indicator of individual style, whether the choice is a Swatch or a Rolex.
Vintage watches, however, have a character all their own, and wearing one——either granddad’s or dad’s, or even purchased——affords one many more opportunities to express a style that is less common. This Universal Genève chronograph from the 1940’s (an inherited instrument) is a rare, unusual model, and unusually stylish. The chronograph function works fine and will do if you need to know how much time has elapsed since your last drink at the bar, but if you’re timing a race car’s (or a horse’s) lap, or if you want to know what time it is in Tehran, you might still want to check that phone in your pocket.

2 thoughts on “A Date With Time

  1. What a beautiful chronograph! It is indeed a very rare model. I don’t think I have ever seen one like this before. Waves of (very cold, it seems) envy from Canada.

  2. Congratulations Mr. Majd, it is one of the most beautiful and well design chronograph watches i have ever seen in my life. It tells a great deal about the designer, the original and the current owners.

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