A Different Jean

Stonghold Stonghold

We can’t seem to get away from denim these days, with a new company, making selvedge jeans by hand or on ancient looms, surfacing almost daily. And denim is the uniform of choice in hip neighborhoods from Brooklyn to the Marais to Shoreditch; whether dressed up or down. A long time wearer of Levis 501s in its various incarnations, I still appreciate the newer makers who do something a little different while remaining true to the style and purpose of jeans. Plus, anything that can make you unlikely to be mistaken for a hipster——while still wearing comfortable clothes——is worth considering, no?

Stronghold, a small Los Angeles outfit, makes a herringbone patterned jean that is perfect for getting away from the trends——unwashed denim, or white for summer——and not quite the plain gray (or faded black) that has appeared from time to time. Although herringbone for a pair of jeans might seem a bit much, especially in warmer months, it fits the original purpose of denim——work clothes——while being smart with a jacket, and even a tie. Ken wears them on his massive BMW bike, with nice loafers, although rarely with a tie.

2 thoughts on “A Different Jean

  1. Mr. Majd:

    Have you tried APC New Standard jeans (I’m guessing NS would be your preferred silhouette)?

    Also, any chance you’re willing to reveal your hair products of choice? Thanks. Andrew.

  2. I’ve never worn APC jeans, but I do believe they are excellent. It always comes down to what one is used to, with denim.
    I only use a little regular shea butter on the hair–what my barber told me to a long time ago!

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