Cabrales, Cabron!

Yeah, traditional Mexican shoes. Here, updated stylishly by Industry of All Nations— about as elegant a loafer you can buy, for a fraction of the price of Italian or French shoes, and just as well-made. A wool blend upper, a rubber sole for trekking the canyons of the city. Plus, lined in that wool felt, which means you can wear with or without socks. The plaids work with jeans or a suit, the solid is a staple…or heck, maybe get both for less than a Benjamin.

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2 thoughts on “Cabrales, Cabron!

  1. Hey there – LOVE the blog. Also, thinking about getting a pair of these as spring and summer comes along. I am relatively short, but my feet aren’t SMALL. How do these things run? I usually feel safe that a 10 will be big enough but LOOK right for me, but have never ordered these and thought I’d see what you thought!

    Thanks, keep blogging,


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