Handkerchief tied around the neck is as old a style as wearing clothes themselves–and used to be about practicality. This is Dastmal Yazdi, handkerchiefs from the central Iranian city of Yazd, in either cotton or silk. Warm in the winter, to absorb perspiration or wipe your brow in the summer. A vintage Lee denim jacket and a Saville Row suit might be an odd combination, all the more so with an Iranian scarf, but who cares?

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7 thoughts on “Handkerchiefs

  1. Wonderfuly done. I used to wear my denim jackets under Harris Tweed all the time. Now the coats are a bit… snugger.

    I wear scarves a lot and love the look of yours. The trick for me is two-fold. Finding one that is the right length/weight and then getting it tied as perfectly as you do. What’s the secret?

    Great blog, photography and insight. Looking forward to each post.

  2. I hope this style makes a comeback. I live near Little Rock, Arkansas, which is not exactly a city known for its style, but I’ve been wearing this look semi-regularly since I started college and no one has questioned it. Growing up I saw almost all of the style idols of my peer group sported this look in some way and I’m seeing it more and more around the city.

  3. Mr Majd, you have an uncanny ability of ‘mixing it up’! That yellow, green, blue Iranian handkerchief is really really cool. I wish I could get my hands on a few pairs.

  4. Dear Sir

    First, good show on the blog, I personally admire your taste and look to you for fashion advice.
    So if you could possibly let us know where to buy Dastmal Yazdi or any Iranian handkerchief, I’ve been searching on the internet and have had no luck.
    Much obliged.

  5. Thanks. I’m afraid it’s impossible to buy Iranian-made goods in the US (and even in Europe), mainly because of sanctions. Hopefully, when the politics is resolved, there will be importers of Iranian textiles….

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