Denim Repair


Denim is the unofficial uniform of men the world over, and has, fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view, even penetrated the once-stuffy white collar workplace. Good denim, the kind you pay well over a hundred dollars for such as Levis Vintage Clothing, will eventually be in need of repair, unless you refuse to ever wash a pair of jeans, in which case social intercourse may be an alien concept to you.

I buy my jeans unwashed and “raw”, but do not hesitate to wash them regularly, which means that even the sturdy denim Levis uses for its jeans made in the USA will eventually need holes and tears mended.

Kill Devil Hill, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, does about as good a job as I’ve seen anywhere. I ask that they use a soft khaki fabric on the inside of the jean where it touches the skin. And the repair is invisible on the outside.

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5 thoughts on “Denim Repair

  1. You can buy raw Levis at various outlets, including Levis stores and the Levis Vintage Clothing stores and websites. These are indeed 501′s– they are from the Vintage line, made in USA, and the 1955 model.

  2. Hello,

    Your Pair of Levis in your hand are perfect. I own several LVC 501′s and would love to know how you got them to fade so beautifully.

    Regards & Happy Holidays,

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