Loafing Shoes

Loafers seem to go in and out of fashion on a regular basis, which is a good thing if you keep your shoes for longer than a season or two, since the return of loafer style is usually right around the corner. We’ve turned that corner this year, and although the chunky shoe is still very much “in”—and brogues and cap toes aren’t going away anytime soon—my preference is for a leaner silhouette for loafing.

This 15 year old pair is by Edward Green, and the shoe reflects the more English or European style of loafer, which is narrower, longer, and with a higher vamp. Works equally well with or without socks (I prefer sock-less in the Spring and Summer), and with casual wear or a slim suit. Heavier loafers, like the Alden Cordovan model or Bass Weejun (Penny loafers) are staples in many a shoe closet, including mine, but there’s something a little more distinctive about a pair that is utterly unlike the thick-soled shoes we see on the streets of New York, London, Tokyo and, of course, Brooklyn.

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3 thoughts on “Loafing Shoes

  1. No doubt Mr. Majd, a man spotted walking down these metropolitan streets sans socks wearing a pair of beautifully worn loafers must surely be a sartorial kindred spirit (which is to say, he has excellent taste). Your choice of Edward Green, a renown shoe maker of quality, leaves no more to be said. I’ve just purchased a pair of To Boot loafers in a burnished tan precisely for breaking them out with a nice old pair of Levis 501 and my trusty Double Breasted Blazer.

    I see I’m going to enjoy reading this blog

  2. These remind me a lot of a pair of 15-year old EG Dovers that I bought on eBay last summer… and the same seller had a pair just like this on offer also. It was a tough choice, but I’m very happy with my derbies. Edward Green is fantastic.

  3. Thats a great Post on loafers. I am in agreement with your opinions but i have not been to New York but i have hardly seen people wearing this shoe in London(blame it on the chill), but summers are definitely the best times to get into one of these. I have written my opinion on the Bass weejuns on my blog. Please support me by giving me recommendations Mr Majd. I am a big fan of your writing.


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