Madras, continued

Other than wearing something like a shocking pink neon blazer, wearing a Madras jacket might be as attention grabbing as possible (camouflage used to be like that before it went mainstream). But loud as it may be, it is extremely comfortable, cool in the summer, and in an unconstructed jacket such as this one (vintage Ralph Lauren) fits like an old shirt.

Don Draper might wear one with a pair of gray slacks and a solid tie—you can certainly replicate that look, but I like the jacket with khakis, or in this case, with tropical weight wool trousers for a clean look that contrasts nicely with the haphazard design of the coat. White bucks are a good choice for footwear, but mine were destroyed a few years back. So suede Keds (by Mark McNairy) do the trick, and perhaps better for shifting gears on this monster of a motorcycle—a BMW GS, the SUV of motorcycles (albeit without the requisite carbon footprint)—that is a dream for navigating the potholes of the city. It will remain a dream, however, as I make do with my trusty, but slowly rusting, Vespa….

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2 thoughts on “Madras, continued

  1. I usually love your style and come here often for ideas, but I can’t say that I like this look. I much prefer the traditional Madras, (at least as I understand it) which resembles Scottish tartan and has a single, consistent pattern… this is just too clownish for me, too many patterns going on, all so busy and finely clustered together. It’s a cacophony… a riot! It’s bold, I will say that; I usually try to temper sartorial flourishes with something plain, but it’s not an option here. I doubt anything solid could ground such a pattern. A black knit tie looks great with a madras sportcoat of the ‘tartan’ type that I imagine, but I don’t think that it would work with this particular pattern(s). You’re still the Persian Cary Grant though.

  2. That’s the whole point, man. Proper Madras doesn’t need to be proper at all. The one that Our Man Majd is wearing resembles my old Brooks Brothers Madras jacket which I break out every so often. The pattern lends itself to more flexibility when choosing denim or colored trousers. The Dandy in me likes to pair the jacket with white wingtips and a Gin and Tonic.
    BTW, that’s a nice bike in the background….

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