Making Movies (And Period TV shows)

No, these are not vintage photographs, but a street setup for the upcoming season of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. I always envied Nucky Thomson for his Rolls Royce (and his wardrobe) in the series, but seeing all these Model Ts parked on a street I normally associate with ugly, even garish new models, or lumbering SUVs, reminds one of a certain elegance in the uniformly black car that “everyone could afford” when Henry Ford introduced it.

From the wooden spokes on the wheels to the gray pinstripe wool upholstery (I wonder how that might look in a modern car), today everything about the automobile screams style, even though in the twenties it was a style icon only in that it was the first mass produced car. One of the characters from the show—the most stylish on television (sorry, Mad Men, you’re the runner up)—stepping out of the car, wearing a custom creation by Martin Greenfield of Brooklyn, would complete the picture. We’ll have to wait for the episode to air, to see that.

One thought on “Making Movies (And Period TV shows)

  1. Being a huge of fan of vintage and period dramas, I really appreciate this post. There is nothing like the vintage cars, vintage clothes and all the other treasures from the past and the mannerisms of those days. By the way, the runner up of period TV shows, in my opinion, should be FOYLE’S WAR. No body makes period dramas like the British.

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