Man Bags

Man Bag

On the eternal quest for the perfect bag to carry (there is no such thing, as no matter how great a bag or briefcase is, it simply won’t cut it for every occasion), sometimes a bag designed for a purpose other than what one needs it for is actually best. I’ve always thought camera bags ugly—practical, but generally ugly—except for Billingham bags, which are made from canvas and leather and, like Filson cases, look even better beat up and abused than new.

While the insides can be outfitted with a never ending assortment of padded dividers and pouches to protect that valuable Hasselblad or DSLR and lenses, the great thing about the bags is that they can also be used naked—with no protective measures installed whatsoever—and thus eminently useful for photographers whose only tool is their smartphone in their pocket. The smallest bag—called a Hadley—is great for a laptop, iPad, or a book or two (if one still reads print), plus chargers, glasses, and whatever life forces one to carry around. It can be worn as a messenger bag or carried as a briefcase, and the quick-release leather straps can be replaced at will (these have, recently, for quick release, convenient as it is, means quick-wearing-out).
Big_BagThe larger bags, while perfect for professional cameramen on the move, are also perfect carryon bags—flattened and stuffed into overhead bins, or maxed out with a week’s worth of clothes and toiletries. The bigger bags also have an inventive strap design—one that keeps the strap from twisting—and this one of Ken’s (which he actually uses for cameras) also fits nicely on the back of a bicycle, making for an elegant, if rather luxurious, bike bag. Ken got his bag at Fotocare New York.


3 thoughts on “Man Bags

  1. Nice, although I am a sucker for a nice Smythson case with pale blue deerskin lining. That’s pretty close to perfect.

    BTW was that you I heard on the NPR a couple of nights ago talking about sulking Iranians? Well done.

    Best regards

  2. Hello,

    I love how the initials look on that canvas bag. I have a Filson that I would really like to have decorated in the same fashion. How would I go about doing so?

    Thanks in advance

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