Milk and Sugar

Seersucker, the summer fabric once associated with the genteel American South (or, sometimes less-than-gentle Southern Governors and Senators), the New England establishment, and preppies the world over, is now de rigueur for fashion conscious men everywhere. Fortuitously so, as it is probably the most comfortable and lightest of cotton fabrics, that happens to look terrific in a jacket or as a suit.

The word ‘seersucker’ comes from (and is the anglicized version of) the Persian expression sheer-o-sheekar, or ‘milk and sugar’, and originated in Mughal India, where Persian was the lingua franca. While suiting was traditionally cream with blue stripes, these days one can find the stripe in an array of pastel colors—I particularly like pink and green. This jacket though, an old Italian one, unconstructed and unlined with a dove gray stripe, came from Bergdorf Goodman and has been through the wash enough times that it has begun to fray at the cuffs, just as I like it. And being unconstructed, the roll-over third button can actually be buttoned, which looks especially good when worn with tie.

Speaking of ties—and as a fan of knits—I like bright colors for spring and summer, and I’m told electric blue is the color of the moment. Good news, I suppose, since I happen to usually pull this one out when the clocks Spring Forward. Oh, and for those who argue that seersucker, along with white, mustn’t be worn before Memorial Day or after Labor Day, I say if the temperature hits 80 degrees in April, as it often does in our age of climate change, go for it.

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8 thoughts on “Milk and Sugar

  1. Huge Fan or your site Mr. Majd. Regarding seersucker. What pants and pants material do you pair the jacket with when not wearing the entire suit.


    • Thanks! I think seersucker jackets go great with jeans, of course, but also with khakis or medium gray pants in a worsted wool or cotton. They also work well with linen pants, as long as the color doesn’t clash with the stripe…

  2. “Seersucker, the summer fabric once associated with the gentile American South”

    As a Southern Gentile I found this quite amusing, whether intentional or not. Chapeau! More posts about Savile Row!

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