Spring is a time to think about and sometimes even wear straw hats—genuine Panamas (always made in Equador, not Panama), wannabe Panamas, and other models. This one, photographed by Ken in Costa Rica, isn’t the né plus ultra of Panamas—which can cost thousands—but is a genuine one, and yes, does roll up nicely to go into one’s carry on.

The collection of hats displayed in Cartagena, and spotted by the peripatetic Ken, makes one yearn for the warm, sunny days that will make wearing one a necessity, or simply a pleasure.

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3 thoughts on “Panamas

  1. Got a real education on these hats after viewing this blog post. It’s nearly criminal how poorly many of the weavers in Montecristi and Pile are paid for their talents, resulting in fewer and fewer people entering the craft for fear of not being able to make a living and support their families. I did come across one retailer making a valiant effort to restore equity and dignity to the people who devote their lives and livelihoods to making fine hats by offering fair (i.e. higher) prices to them for their wares as well giving them a percentage of the final retail sale price. Looking forward to the resurgence in popularity of these beautiful pieces.

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