Red Wings and Red Trucks

Red Wing boots have rightfully enjoyed a renaissance for a number of years now—among aficionados of “heritage” American brands in the US and abroad, but also as stylish footwear for the winter months.

Their new made in Maine chukkas (part of Red Wing’s Heritage Brand), however, while maintaining the quality and durability of a pair of Red Wing boots, are appropriate year round—with or without socks. Lighter than boots and with a soft sole, they work with khakis or jeans, and this pair, the “Sage Mohave”, is a particularly nice color.

You don’t need a vintage red Ford truck to complement the look, but it doesn’t hurt, especially if the truck isn’t as pristine as the chukkas are at first.

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2 thoughts on “Red Wings and Red Trucks

  1. That truck is a total badass! when I was growing up, we had this neighbor who drove an exact model in baby blue, on the streets of Tehran.

    So are you tying your shoes Jim Moore (GQ) style?

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