Red Wings

Red Wing boots are all the rage; mine are from years ago but the laces are new: canary yellow rawhide.

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4 thoughts on “Red Wings

  1. I love contrast laces. The leather laces on my (brown leather) apron boots snapped after getting damp too many times, so I replaced them with red nylon laces. I was queueing in my barber shop a few weeks ago and an older lady was sitting opposite me with her infant grandsons. She started muttering (ostensibly to her grandchildren, but obliquely directed towards me) “Oh look at his boots! The laces are red!” I pretended not to notice and after a long silence she then addressed me directly in this shrill, patronising voice,”Why *are* your laces red?” I replied, “Well the old ones broke and I thought they looked…[nice]” “COOL?!” she interjected. I think she then muttered something about young people. I could not believe that this lady was so agitated by the colour of my bootlaces that she saw fit to confront a complete stranger! My barber chuckled and told me that she is a retired school teacher. I felt like I was 11 again and had been caught wearing white socks with my school uniform, or worse still, hairgel. I never realised bright laces could invite such controversy, but it is not the first time that I have been reproached for showing a minor touch of sartorial flare. I should add that I never overdress and am not given to outrageous fashion statements. I just put some thought into it and make sure everything fits properly. I’ve read that (according to GQ’s Michael Hainey) strangers often compliment you in restaurants, but have you ever received unsolicited negative remarks?

  2. My step dad, Frank, bought me my first pair of Red Wings when I was 16 years old at the Red Wing store in Reno, Nevada. It took about 30 years, but I finally wore them out. When I looked to replace them I found that Red Wing discontinued that style. So I was “wingless” for another 15 years.

    J Crew recently reprised the style I loved so much — dark brown leather, deep Vibram soles. I’m breaking them in now and there’s a pretty good chance the boots will outlast me this time.

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