Sandal Scandal

Actually, the only ‘sandal scandal’ is wearing a pair with socks. Otherwise, except for leather flip flops, I’m a big fan of sandals, especially on summer weekends, and especially away from the sidewalks of a gritty city (with or without a linen suit). And in the gritty city of New York, there’s Barbara Shaum’s shop, in the East Village, where you can have a pair custom made.

Bespoke sandals may seem an extravagance, and perhaps they are, but when you can have a pair made exactly as you want them—with a perfect fit, no less—at the price of one the better designers’ models, why not? Barbara is a NY fixture, written about everywhere for her long career (over 50 years) making sandals, belts, or some other leather item you fancy, and her craftsmanship is as good as it gets. Yes, there are shops in Florence where you can have a nice pair made for you, and in parts of Africa bespoke is the only option (and a good one, at that), but if you’re in NY on hot day, I defy you to walk into Barbara’s shop on E. 4th Street and not walk out with an order.

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2 thoughts on “Sandal Scandal

  1. It’s been awhile since I thought of wearing sandals other than the beach. I used to wear them often in college. Although my memory of college was fuzzy, I’m fairly sure I never wore them with socks. If it’s that cold put on some damn shoes!
    So I might have to revisit an upgraded pair like these to match my upgraded maturity. A step above Birkenstock.

  2. Looking forward to the summer? eheheheh…
    It’s time to get tanned, even in the feet…:-)

    I love leather sandals, and i truly believe that only a couple of pairs in my closet are never enough….

    Keep it up man!

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