Snow White

The quest for the perfect white t-shirt——either as undershirt or to be worn on its own—-doesn’t end with a season, not even in the midst of a polar vortex. And that quest can be frustrating in these days of cheap offshore-manufactured goods (to say nothing of the guilt associated with purchasing a garment made by slaves, some of whom may even be dead from a horrific factory fire), and of “heritage” and therefore wildly expensive US-made brands (not actually made, though, by Americans). The days of picking up a 3-pack of perfect T’s from Penney’s or Sears (or even the local clothing store) are over, and while some have tried to bring back the perfect basic T, results are, at best, mixed.
Enter a new kid on the block——the L.A. block, that is——who makes what may be the perfect T at the perfectly reasonable price. Reminiscent of the T-shirts of the fifties and sixties, it is close-fitting, has the right shaped collar (neither too high nor too wide), is made of soft, lightweight white cotton, and like your Levis, shrinks-to-fit (you). Affordable enough to stock a handful in your closet and flattering enough to wear sans shirt, the Dyer & Jenkins white t-shirt (the company is named after a general store in the Clint Eastwood movie “The Outlaw Josey Wales”) may mean the quest is over.

7 thoughts on “Snow White

  1. Can’t agree more with the struggle to find a good, well fitting T-shirt (that’s affordable).
    Wasted lots of money of the years buying ones which weren’t quite right… I fear the shipping to Australia might make these slightly less affordable. But thank you for the tip, Hooman.

    (p.s – I think there is a little spelling mistake – “factor fire”.
    Just letting you know, not an attack on your excellent writing!


  2. I actually just ordered a pair of their Denims because, being over 40+ years, I find the Low-Mid rise jeans not to be to my liking. I’ll let you know how they look when I receive them.

  3. Well, I actually did order and receive the jeans….they are excellent. Comfortable and yet stylish. They sit nicely at the waist. Good recommendation, Hooman.

  4. After watching The Theory of Everything I’m on a quest for the perfect cardigan. Have any recommendations on where to find a simple cardigan like you’re wearing in the photo? Thanks!

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