Spectacles, Sun or Snow

It’s sunglass season, believe it or not, and the more snow, the more you need them, especially if you have skiing in your vacation or weekend plans. Of course sunglasses are a necessity in the winter sun or the summer, and not just to be stylish——all scientific evidence shows that protecting the retina from the sun’s rays is crucial to long term eye health. (Squinting, after all, may be easy but it’s bad for your wrinkles.)

There are literally hundreds of sunglass makes——from cheap disposals to designer brands to even custom-made pairs using vintage tortoise shells. But there’s something about the classic styles: simple shapes that won’t ever go out of style, however, that stand out from the crowd. (Think French Nouvelle Vague.) And like most objects we carry or wear, quality may not (or should not) be seen, but is definitely felt.
These pairs, equally at home as reading glasses or prescription spectacles and equally becoming for men or women, are hand made in France——a dying industry in this age of mass produced Asian goods——and are of the highest quality short of bespoke. From the hinges to the weight and balance, and ultimately feel of the glasses, there is no finer pair on the market. A collaboration between HoM and Cremieux, the French designer and retailer, the limited edition glasses, in three colors, are available in our General Store through special order. Get them now, or else be ready for wrinkle cream.

6 thoughts on “Spectacles, Sun or Snow

  1. Nice looking glasses. Any additional info you can provide regarding the frame size (eye, bridge, temple, etc.), lens specs and included case if any?
    There doesn’t seem to be too much detail provided in the description on the online store.


  2. Thanks, K.I. The glasses measurements are now posted on the store page. And yes, there is a case: a military style olive nylon zip case with orange lining (replicating flight jackets, down to the sleeve pen holder detail). We’ll have a photo of the case posted soon.

  3. Great sunglasses, keep the products coming.

    I have been looking for a scarf like that for some time, any chance you can share its provenance?

  4. Very sorry about that, Glenn. Cremieux is setting up their US operation and that could be the reason for the delay–but we will make sure they respond to you and enable a purchase. Thanks again for your interest, and for following up.

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