The Persian Knot

Yes: look it up. Believe or not, from the land where neckties have all but been banished comes the Persian knot. Similar to the Windsor in appearance (but knotted differently), it’s a handsome, large triangle, and slightly misshapen. Perfect for wanna-be princes or just chic Americans, but not for Ayatollahs.

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3 thoughts on “The Persian Knot

  1. As an experienced television reporter and documentary producer, I’m embarrassed that I had to learn how to tie one on by reading your blog. Thanks…I think..

  2. Speaking about tie knots, what do you suggest for a wool tie that is quite thick? I tried a four-in-hand, but it doesn’t seem right; it is way too bulky for a tie, and especially a narrow one.

  3. For a thick fabric tie, the “Small Knot” or “Oriental Knot” probably works best. It’s the simplest of knots–just once around and through the fold–diagrams and video are available on the web if you do a quick search, and it should work fine with even the thickest of wool ties. Pull the knot tight to make it smaller, and unlike silk, wool wrinkles disappear overnight.

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